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I recently had the pleasure of making ten illustrations for Portland’s Willamette Week, under the superb art direction of Julie Showers. The piece was WW’s semi-annual “Kvetch Fest”, and allowed me to create a variety of fun images. Read the article here.



dog run 1059



Car Dodge2



Captain Pizza Beard 2


Flouride copy


MOIR_BeachGoth ©2015

Beach Goth is a spot illustration that I made for the music section of Portland’s Willamette Week paper.

[Pen, brush, grease pencil, and ink.]

No reproduction without sole permission of the artist. © 2015

(c) 2014 A.Moir


One image in a series about Bamako, the capital of Mali. This piece speaks about old traditions meeting current political situations.

[ink, graphite, gouache, digital]

*All images on this site (c) 2013 Andrew Moir. No reproduction without sole permission of artist.

Space Travel 1

An image from a short series on space travel.

[ink, charcoal, pencil, digital]

All rights reserved. All images (c)2013 A.Moir

Old Skulls

Here’s a little framed illustration for a Dungeons & Dragons-themed show that I had a few pieces in. Sometimes it’s easy to forget what artwork looks like in this context, instead of onscreen!

[sepia ink on paper, (c) 2103 A.Moir]

The Whale

A view from the ocean floor, in ink. Another page from my shipwreck book.

(c)2013 A.Moir