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I recently had the pleasure of making ten illustrations for Portland’s Willamette Week, under the superb art direction of Julie Showers. The piece was WW’s semi-annual “Kvetch Fest”, and allowed me to create a variety of fun images. Read the article here.



dog run 1059



Car Dodge2



Captain Pizza Beard 2


Flouride copy



It’s really fun for me to see my illustrations in print. Here’s one that made illustrating a scene from Patrick DeWitt’s new novel Under Majordomominor for Portland’s Willamette Week.

(c) 2014 A.Moir


I’ve made a little book about a shipwreck and a turtle, here’s a panel from it.


A recent project called for an exploration of mythology.

While not strictly a myth, I chose to illustrate Cernunnos, the ancient Celtic “Lord of the Animals”, or “Lord of Wild Things.” He is often depicted with a horned serpent, and torcs hanging from his antlers. He is know as a “peaceful god nature and fruitfulness.”

All images (c) 2013 A.Moir, no reproduction without permission

A drop cap for a story about space.

[ink and gouache on paper]

(c) 2013 A.Moir

Uncle What's-His-Name

Another vintage relative, another chance to make up an name for him!

[ink on paper]

Image (c) 2013 A.Moir