An image in brush & ink for a small poetry book that I made.


Design Believes © 2015 Andrew Moir Illustration

Here’s a poster I made for Portland Design Week this fall.

Ink, charcoal, and crayon arranged digitally, below are some process pics.

Smoke and mirrors revealed!

Design Believes Process 1 © 2015 Andrew Moir Illustration Design Believes Process 2 © 2015 Andrew Moir IllustrationDesign Believes Process 3 © 2015 Andrew Moir Illustration

Including tea, of course.

(c) 2014 A.Moir


This is a mixed-media version of a screen print that I just made.

Image (c) 2014 A.Moir


Drink some tea! What’s your flavor?

Image (c) 2014 A.Moir


One image in a series about Bamako, the capital of Mali. This piece speaks about old traditions meeting current political situations.

[ink, graphite, gouache, digital]

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Space Travel 1

An image from a short series on space travel.

[ink, charcoal, pencil, digital]

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