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I recently had the pleasure of making ten illustrations for Portland’s Willamette Week, under the superb art direction of Julie Showers. The piece was WW’s semi-annual “Kvetch Fest”, and allowed me to create a variety of fun images. Read the article here.



dog run 1059



Car Dodge2



Captain Pizza Beard 2


Flouride copy


Mr. Joyce

A portrait of one of my favorite people, in acrylic.

(c) 2013 A.Moir No Reproduction without permission of artist.

Uncle What's-His-Name

Another vintage relative, another chance to make up an name for him!

[ink on paper]

Image (c) 2013 A.Moir

Peter Hook of New Order

Since they kept coming up in the shuffle on my iPod lately, I’ve been revisiting the early releases by New Order.

I drew some pictures of the band playing live from footage of a 1981 concert at the Ukrainian National Home in New York. This show features some very organic yet tense renditions of songs from the Movement era. It’s worth seeking out and watching.

[Drawing (c)2013 A.Moir, no reproduction without permission]


An illustration from old family photos. I can’t remember who this is, maybe someone should think up a name for her?

[ink on paper]

Portrait: Ali Bin Hassan

Ali Bin Hassan was author Karen Blixen’s assistant. Blixen wrote Out of Africa after living in Kenya in the early 1900’s.

[ink on paper]

Sketchbook: More Big Game Hunting

“Larsili” [ink on paper]

As an illustrator, it’s a good idea to alway keep drawing, if even just for practice and learning new techniques. Lately my go-to book to draw from is the fantastic Taschen edition of Peter Beard’s “The End of the Game”. I’ve featured other drawings from this book here on my site.

It’s loaded with beautiful vintage photos and stories about early big game hunting in Africa. While I don’t necessarily have any aspirations to be a big game hunter, this book is still a fascinating read and a glimpse into another world & time.

This drawing is of a particularly talented tracker and Wa-Ndorobo-Masai gunbearer named Larsili, who was part of a game control team on the 172,000 acre Boran cattle estate of Lariak, in Laikipia.

This drawing was done with sepia ink, using a few different brushes.