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“Evening”. This image is part of a series that I’m working on about the evidence of humans in natural spaces.



Sea Bird

(c) 2014 A.Moir


I needed a creature, so here’s what happens when you mix a bird, prairie dog, and……

[watercolor and ink on paper]

(c) 2012 A.Moir, No reproduction without permission of the artist.

Sketchbook: Flamingos

Pink Flamingos in black & white. [Ink on paper]

(c) 2012 A.Moir

A Walrus.

These creatures fascinate me. [Ink, watercolor, and gouache on paper, 2012]

All images (c) 2012 A.Moir

How about a frog in a lily pad tophat?

Mr. FrogĀ (watercolor and gouache on paper, 2012)